Mentees Speak
"Sanjay has been a guiding force for us at MindSquare from the time we started our company. His vast knowledge across various areas like Sales & Marketing, Finance, Statutory Compliance, Company Structuring etc. has helped us a lot in our day to day operations. His business intelligence and support has given us enough confidence and courage to come out of the initial nervousness of a start-up company. In the years to come we are sure of scaling greater heights and success with his continued support and vision for our growth. Thank you Sanjay for being part of us and our dreams”
– Balakumar Vijayendran, Director - MindSquare Technologies
"Our Association with Mindsphere started about 3 months back. Though having worked in multiple Large Indian and non Indian MNCs for about 15 years, at a time, when it came to laying processes and procedures for an organization and getting the right inputs from Industry colleagues mostly senior, was becoming increasingly difficult, I got introduced to Sanjay. We were a startup of about 15 months + and did reasonable well to sustain those first 15 months, however I was not getting a overall picture of what was going right and what wasn't. Sanjay helped me pay attention towards the Finance processes and functions, health of the organization, cash flows, Legal & Statutory compliance, short term and long term strategies, Sales & Marketing, branding etc., which helped take a step out of the box and take that critical look at all these functions. And more importantly how a business person should strategies to build wealth and increase the shareholder value while ensuring that the employees grow along with the organization and make them part of the plan to succeed."
- Bhargav Balla, Founder & CEO - Ninth Dimension
“It was under your mentorship that I have been able to make the first few moves as an entrepreneur more confidently. One great thing that I must mention about MindSphere is that it just doesn't support a company but it actually enhances its personality and of the people within. MindSphere doesn't do your work but believes in teaching you how to do it and hence teaching you all the nuances of being a professional entrepreneur. I am very positive that Antara Design Studios as an organization would achieve its vision with your guidance. Thank you"
- Antara Pal Chowdhury, Chief Executive - Antara Design Studios
"MindSphere has created a new insight for my Business. I'm always amazed at the level of knowledge and skill Sanjay provides. A true mark of his success is his discipline for keeping things simple so that others can easily and quickly digest it. He has helped me organize things and provide invaluable feedback on structuring our business for growth and success. I would recommend his services and will continue to seek advice from him in the coming year."
- Rooparani Y, Chief Executive - Designtheme