The biggest hurdle for a startup to take itself to the next phase of growth is the very fact that it is a startup!

It is a common issue for many new businesses that they just cannot come out of that image and mindset of being a startup. If you are a startup that has been running for six months to one year, it is high time now that you should stop calling yourself a startup and shred that start up mindset.

It's now time for you think about taking your business to its next levels. When we start up we tend to accept, with gratitude, all assignments that come our way. But reaching the next levels calls for reviewing and renewing your goals and your work style so far and adopt a more focused approach towards running your business.

MindSphere assists you in shredding your startup; through analyses, processes and practices a glimpse of which is given below:

Short term & Long term
Gap Analysis
Growth Strategy
(new offering and new markets)
Corporate Renewal
(Business, Strategy, finance, HR, Technology, Management etc.)
Process Alignment
IP Management
Operational Strategy