Mentees Speak
"The last 5+ years have been an enriching experience and we have learnt and really grown as individuals as well as an organisation under Sanjay's leadership and are able to see every aspect of the business now. Today it feels absolutely exhilarating, that we are able to understand and take decisions solely by ourselves. Sanjay’s engaging style and continuous interaction with us has built a great amount of confidence within us. The best part of having him as a mentor and part of the management team is his positive attitude and never give up motto!  There are times when we have been dulled by some of the lows in business but his spirit as rejuvenated us up again. He has walked along throughout with us and always been there for any help that we require or challenge we face. Thank you indeed! It has been our pleasure and honour to have you as part of MindSquare”
– Balakumar Vijayendran, Director - MindSquare Technologies
“As a social enterprise in its initial stages of growth one of the critical aspects the founding team needs is accurate strategy advise. This is more true to keep the vision of the Founders intact while bringing business thinking on the product side. At Project DEFY Sanjay brings this core competency as our Strategy, Re engineering and Transformation advisor. For the past 4 months Sanjay has put DEFYs house in order so to speak bringing a shift in how our core team looks at the business sides of things while wanting to change the world! The appreciable quality and quantity of time that he dedicates to DEFY as a Pro Bono advisor is noteworthy and ensures that DEFY stays on track. In an eco system where advisory is a misnomer Sanjay has been providing DEFY with dedicated time, guidance and network to social impact industry and got us thinking about growing DEFY like a business. We will continue our engagement with Sanjay solely because he understands our vision exactly the way we do"
- Megha Bhagat – Co Founder & Chief Growth Officer Project DEFY
"MindSphere has been working with us at Project DEFY for the past three months, over a variety of topics from fundraising to marketing. We are delighted by the experience so far. Sanjay's strategic guidance and forthrightness has led to great learning in the team, and created for us a foreseeable direction, that in many ways we lacked before. It is quite rare for non-profits in India to have such focus, and I can confidently say that MindSphere makes that key difference. We are proud to be working together."
- Abhijit Sinha – Co Founder & Chief Executive Officer Project DEFY
“I have had the pleasure interacting with Sanjay mentorship as part of the NASSCOM - Government of Karnataka - Catalyst of Women Entrepreneurs Incubation Program. Sanjay specifically mentored me on business Strategy, Reengineering, Transformation and Scaling. Sanjay's weekly mentoring and ability to keep a smile on his face when asked “are you busy?” provided a bedrock of support to me during my entrepreneurship journey. Sanjay helped bring much needed structure and streamline processes to my enterprise in the early days. Sanjay's vast knowledge of the start up arena coupled with his hard-working, goal-oriented, WE-can-do it attitude was extremely helpful to me as a first time entrepreneur. Having Sanjay to practically guide me and shares my worries with -- often replacing my fears with hisyears of experience was an invaluable to say the least. Having run his own businesses, Sanjay is in the perfect position to give positive and soothing words of advice when things don't go as planned. Not only does Sanjay have the right words to share, he also has ideas to help me navigate my way to success.I personally have benefited immensely from working with Sanjay and his dedication to excellence and mentee success. His mentorship and encouragement has been instrumental in me achieving the goals of a little girl I was and the budding entrepreneur I want to be"
- Sahar Mansoor – Founder & CEO Bare Necessities
"Our Association with MindSphere started in 2013. Though having worked in multiple Large Indian and non Indian MNCs for about 15 years, at a time, when it came to laying processes and procedures for an organization and getting the right inputs from Industry colleagues mostly senior, was becoming increasingly difficult, I got introduced to Sanjay. We were a startup of about 15 months + and did reasonable well to sustain those first 15 months, however I was not getting a overall picture of what was going right and what wasn’t. Sanjay helped me pay attention towards the Finance processes and functions, health of the organization, cash flows, Legal & Statutory compliance, short term and long term strategies, Sales & Marketing, branding etc., which helped take a step out of the box and take that critical look at all these functions. And more importantly how a business person should strategies to build wealth and increase the shareholder value while ensuring that the employees grow along with the organization and make them part of the plan to succeed."
- Bhargav Balla - Founder & CEO - Ninth Dimension
"Your guidance has been like a support system. It was under your mentorship that  I have been able to make the first few moves as an entrepreneur more confidently. One great thing that I must mention about MindSphere is that it just doesn’t support a company but it actually enhances its personality and of the people within. MindSphere doesn’t do your work but believes in teaching you how do it and hence teaching you all the nuances of being a professional entrepreneur. I am very positive that Antara Design Studios as an organization would achieve its vision with your guidance. Thank you."
- Antara Pal Chowdhury – Chief Executive – Antara Design Studios now Ambertree Consulting